Stratford jail is joke. i just got out of Stratford Jail and was able to make off with a copy of the posted notice about how all books and reading material is now banned from the got to read any of them. on range A you could rent a national geographic for a rate of one peanut butter per day from “the store” in cell not joking.

Stratford jail is joke

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Stratford jail is joke

A Stratford man who beat his partner with a shower curtain rod, threatened her with a knife and injured her numerous other times has been given a 15 month jail term. He was supposed to be living in Blyth as part of his bail conditions set on Aug. As inmates return to those cities, so too do the correctional workers who had been transferred elsewhere in the days before a contract was reached between the province and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. There are servers, and guys who distribute the mail, and guys who push the book cart, but from what I understand that is pretty much it, and these jobs go to the ones who have been there the longest understandably. That way it allows us to maximize the utilization of the staff in the facilities during the labour disruption. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services says that correctional workers had plenty to keep them busy in their new locations.

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