Volcano joke alaska. Wednesday, April 02, Story last updated at 4/2/ - pm. At 40 years old, volcano prank stays ageless. By James Brooks | Capital City Weekly. You could call it the disaster that wasn't. You might also call it Alaska's greatest prank. If you're a little less kind, you might call it a tall tale that's grown a little too big.

Volcano joke alaska

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Volcano joke alaska

There is evidence for pyroclastic flows and lahars some As the pranksters waited for the chopper, they piled the tires into two, large canvas slings. Of course, local phone lines to Sitka radio and police lit up nicely. Others thought a plane had crashed into the mountain. Crater Ridge started erupting rhyolitic ash and Edgcumbe was erupting andesitic and dacitic ash. There is no known historic activity either from local native or Russian records.

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'Imminent' Eruption Warning for Volatile Alaskan Volcano

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Volcano joke alaska

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