Batman dark knight the joker quotes. Eight years after the Joker's reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City, now on the edge of.

Batman dark knight the joker quotes

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Batman dark knight the joker quotes

A Death in the Family. That story prompted editor Whitney Ellsworth to decree that the character could no longer kill or use a gun. He serves as Bruce Wayne's loyal father figure and is one of the few persons to know his secret identity. Gordon also warned that just as escalation occurs in terms of the police force against crime, so might the scale and style of criminality change in reaction to Batman's appearance. As his command center, the Batcave serves multiple purposes, such as surveillance, and it houses the vehicles and equipment Batman uses in his campaign to fight crime. Arkham Knight will allow you to play as Harley Quinn.

Batman dark knight the joker quotes

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25 Best Joker Quotes

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