Freeze technology stolen joker steel mill. Today [on the Wii U] I show you how to get the stolen freeze tech in the Steel Mill in Arkham City. Batman.

Freeze technology stolen joker steel mill

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Freeze technology stolen joker steel mill

Taking out the armed thugs was easy enough, but the Greenie makes it really hard not to hurt him as he is all over you -- so using the mega stun on him is a good idea. This gets sort of complicated now Prepare the Cryptographic Sequencer and interact with the control panel 1. Grab it then climb back out. This also completes the Side-Mission, so double-well-done! Before you hack the console for the lift look to the left to spot a round hatch -- Batclaw the hatch to Grapnel it open and reveal a Trophy that you use the Batclaw to pull to you and claim. In the one on the left there are three thugs, in the one on the right a Trophy.

Freeze technology stolen joker steel mill

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Batman: Arkham City - Hot and Cold Side Mission (Stolen Freeze Tech)

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