Maryland joker arrested. Police in Prince George's County, Md., "have arrested a man who [they say] referred to himself as 'a joker' and threatened to shoot people at his former workplace," The Washington Post's The Crime Scene blog writes. He is identified in the warrant to search his home as Neil Prescott of Crofton, Md. He's.

Maryland joker arrested

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Maryland joker arrested

The evaluation could take a week, according to Julie Parker, spokeswoman for Prince George's County police. It was not immediately clear if Prescott had a lawyer. He was receiving an emergency mental health evaluation at a hospital and was taken into custody Friday morning at his apartment in Crofton, near Annapolis, after a supervisor reported the threat to the police. Magaw said that, given Pitney Bowes' status as a federal contractor, the man could be subject to federal charges. He was receiving a psychiatric evaluation at a hospital and charges were pending Friday. Police on Thursday made an initial visit to Prescott's home, where he appeared groggy and was wearing a T-shirt that said, "Guns don't kill people. Though there's no other indication of a link to the Colorado shooting, police believe the joker comments Prescott made were a "clear reference" to the killings, the warrant says.

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‘Joker’ Says He Was Treated ‘Like A Celebrity’ After His Arrest

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Maryland joker arrested


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