Private joker born to kill. Full Metal Jacket Movie Sounds Wavs Movie Wavs - Movie Sounds - Movie Quotes. (K) elegilegi.org3 (K) Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey.

Private joker born to kill

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Private joker born to kill

Now alright, Lelouch didn't necessarily do it for Villetta's sake, but talk about a complete lack of class. While he devotes himself to you, isn't whipping the only thing you do to him? It was deemed so iconic that the Library of Congress added it to the National Registry of Films in , a list reserved only for those that are "culturally, historically, or aesthetically" significant. Holding the Joker at gunpoint, Jason throws a pistol to Batman and begins to count to three while standing behind the Joker, leaving Batman with only a headshot if he wants to stop Jason pulling the trigger. Despite this, Batman explains that it is not too hard for him to kill the Joker, it would be too easy; he has never once not fantasized about taking the Joker somewhere private and torturing him for maybe weeks before finally killing him, but refuses to go to that place.

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Full Metal Jacket: Peace symbol/Born to kill

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Private joker born to kill


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