Pumpkin carving pattern of the joker. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the year, carving amazing pumpkins is a tradition that every member of the family wants to take full credit.

Pumpkin carving pattern of the joker

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Pumpkin carving pattern of the joker

What a great pumpkin carving pattern for you to use! Forget the kids, I want to carve this one! Jack-o-Lantern by Martha Stewart — These fantastic jack-o-lantern patterns are perfect to spice up your porch this Halloween. These Car characters shown in the film are of different colors; they are talking cars and have big eyes. These cars portray different emotions and are almost human. Star Trek the Original Series by Pink Ray Gun — Star Trek is such a classic movie series so of course we had to include the characters on this list for your pumpkin carving needs!

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Cesar Romero Joker - Watermelon carving by elegilegi.org

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Pumpkin carving pattern of the joker


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