The joker deviant art. Harley Quinn, accompanied by the Joker, visited Queen Ivy in her new kingdom, the Gotham Garden. Ivy offered Harley a chance to live in this kingdom, working as the court jester. Harley was intrigued by the idea, and she agreed. The Joker had nothing to do with Batman seemingly gone, so he agreed to be Ivy's butler.

The joker deviant art

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The joker deviant art

If there is none for the particular picture you want to submit or you're hesitant, put it into Newest and we'll then tell you which Folder you should submit it to or create a new one, if necessary. Is there a limit to how many deviations can I submit? You must be a member to submit art to the group. Only the founder and the Admins. This group is about DC couples, we want to see pieces where you can clearly tell there's something going on between the two and they aren't simply posing heroicly for the press.

The joker deviant art

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Heath Ledger as the Joker speed-painting in MS paint

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