The joker diary. Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight series were the first superhero films to show just how gritty and dark the genre could be. And Heath Ledger's Joker was the crown jewel of the films. Not only was his performance remarkable, but it defied all expectations. No one thought the rom-com star — known for.

The joker diary

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The joker diary

A clip from the documentary "Too Young to Die" has surfaced, and it gives a brief glimpse into Ledger's method for immersing himself in the Joker's madness. That was typical of Heath. He even wrote down all of his dialogue for the entire hospital room scene: He had recently completed the Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There and his now infamous role of the Joker for The Dark Knight and admitted was medicating his insomnia with sedatives like Ambien. His committed performance brought the iconic comic book to character to life in the most terrifying way imaginable. Alex rapes, steals, and fights others for the fun of it.

The joker diary

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Heath Ledger’s Creepy Joker Diary Revealed

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