Chemistry vs physics jokes. You may have heard this one but here goes nothing An ion meets an atom on the street: Atom: Why do you look so bad? Ion: I lost an electron. Atom: Are you sure? Ion: I am positive! For those who don't get it (although most should), an ion is an a 25+ Answers - Why do physics and mathematics rank higher in the.

Chemistry vs physics jokes

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Chemistry vs physics jokes

Each group was given a year to research the issue. After one year, the groups all reported to the investors. I first read this limerick in a science magazine when I was at school. Scientists think that the real world approximates equations. Robin Ince co-presents a humorous Radio 4 show with Brian Cox, Josie Long's set includes gags about A-level maths and, as the Wellcome Trust blog points out, science had a noticeable presence at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. To get to the other… eh? Or, at least, it found some funny friends.

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Michio Kaku: Engineer vs. physicist (Part 2 of Todd Sierer interview)

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Chemistry vs physics jokes


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