Fokker joke boardman. Had he set the joke in WW1 of course he would have been right as the Red Baron flew a Fokker tri plane. Boardman's comedic style has led to controversy several times; after telling racist jokes at a Leeds United Player-of-the-Year-Award dinner in (months after two Leeds players had been arrested for assaulting an  ‎Early life and career · ‎Controversies · ‎Other appearances.

Fokker joke boardman

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Fokker joke boardman

I am not going to give anything away so I don't ruin it for ECHO readers but there are a lot of surprises. I should point out for the benefit of the viewers at home, that the Fokker was a type of German aircraft used in the war. I looked around and saw two Fokkers attacking my squadron leader, so slipped in behind them, and fired, and that was another Fokker going down in flames. I emphasised Germans in way that sounded funny. I think it was funny because of the Scouse intonation. Could you tell us what happened?

Fokker joke boardman

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Stan Boardman and Des O'connor the Fokker joke

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