Toure jokes about trayvon. If you decide to use Twitter for evil, you must be prepared to catch the Internet fade. Media personality, and part-time buffoon, Touré learned this lesson earlier today when he posted an insensitive joke on his Twitter feed. “New slang! You're Zimmering me = You're killing me,” he wrote regarding the senseless shooting [ ].

Toure jokes about trayvon

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Toure jokes about trayvon

Her heritage is Haitian. We know there's no reason to fear. I'm proud of the way so many Americans have seized on the hoodie, turning it into a ubiquitous symbol, saying everyone wears hoodies—so is everyone suspicious? Please contribute more to this thread! Mozart was good at composing, Trayvon is currently decomposing Q: Even as millions of white boys worship hip-hop culture, still their parents use it as a symbol of fear. What's the difference between a dead dog laying in the middle of the road and a dead Trayvon laying in the middle of the road?

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