Making your career in photography

Making your career in photography

Do you classify yourself among a creative bunch of people who love to capture clicks with their lens? Are you an individual who people resort to for clicking pictures during their special occasions or parties? If answer is a yes to the above question then consider a career in photography. Photography as a hobby passion will strive to give your best and a career in this stream will no longer resemble a job but pastime you enjoy. If you are considering photography as a career stream you are bound to enjoy your work and feel it is not long a job. Not only you need to be equipped with a creative eye, but need to possess technical and business acumen   in this profession. Your creative insights need to be complimented with a technical background.

The starting

Numerous photography colleges In India provide you with vital insights about this profession. In fact you can pursue diploma courses to pursue your interest in this field. With your regular college classes on a part time basis these classes can be undertaken. Always opt for the best photography colleges in the country as you will avail a head start in this career. In case if you already have a computer background then availing technical skills would be an easy task. By these skills you are able to click some amazing pictures and show it to your client. These pictures would be something they might be looking for in the first place. These skills would mean vital insights about digital imaging skills, equipment along with lighting and camera skills.

At a starting phase it is better to work under the guidance of a professional photographer. This would educate you and help you prepare for the vital challenges ahead. You will also gain an idea about the various problems a photographer faces and how they plan to overcome them. How to deal with clients and business acumen can be learned by this process.  For the workshops provide great hands on experience.  To obtain direct feedback from the clients you can embrace you skills in a positive direction. Undertaking freelancing works also helps. It peps up your self-confidence so that in later days you can approach clients who can give you work. This coupled with seek admission in top photography colleges in India gives a massive jump to your career path.

Pay prospects

At an initial level surviving out of the money from photography seems a difficult task. But if you possess creative skills and are willing to put in the hard yards then chances are high that photography could seem to be a dream career you are looking for. You need to equip yourself with strong business skills once you make your way in this profession.

Being an assistant to a main photographer might provide around Rs5000 on an average. Working as a professional photographer means you might be coughing up around Rs40000 on an average. In case if you are a fashion photographer the charges could be higher.

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