C ptr_fun example. Aug 04,  · Hello guys, i am a beginner at programing, and I found this site really helpful as it has c++ tutorials, all the libraries and its functions with example code, and.

C ptr_fun example

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C ptr_fun example

Instead of all this composing and transforming, you can write your own function objects without using the SGI extensions as follows: The next two template functions automate the process of testing the various function object templates. SGI extensions The SGI STL mentioned at the end of the previous chapter also includes additional function object templates, which allow you to write expressions that create even more complicated function objects. Instead, they are for unary functions and binary functions. Since there is one operation where elements of x are divided by elements of y, we must ensure that there are no zero values of y. BinaryPredicate arg1, arg2 The following example provides simple tests for each of the built-in basic function object templates.

C ptr_fun example

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