Cpp std ptr_fun. Creates a function wrapper object (either std::pointer_to_unary_function or std::pointer_to_binary_function), deducing the target type from the template arguments. 1) Effectively calls std::pointer_to_unary_function(f). 2) Effectively calls std::pointer_to_binary_function(f). This function and the.

Cpp std ptr_fun

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Cpp std ptr_fun

Then why bother removing anything? We should make it smaller by removing stuff we don't need anymore, like features that have been deprecated for years and thoroughly superseded by more modern machinery. Removing this stuff from the Standard will reduce the editors and LWG's burdens - slightly, but nonzero. Unfortunately this handy script didn't make it into the archive. More sophisticated template trickery makes this powerful feature easy to use. Effect on original feature: Software, documentation and web site are currently in pre-alpha state, though slowly approaching alpha state.

Cpp std ptr_fun

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C++ Weekly - Ep 15 Using `std::bind`

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