Samsung Galaxy S9 with Best Configuration

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Best Configuration

Entire series of Galaxy S smartphone is damn interesting. Taking about the recent Galaxy S8is probably one of the first of its kind from Samsung, which does not lag. Well, almost no lag, so, consider this feature to present in Galaxy S9 as well.

To. Have been a couple of times of suspension, but these are trifles in S8. Everything is very energetic and worthy. The camera can be opened by double-tap of the home button for less than a second. RAM is enough to for 3-4 days to keep open some applications in the background. I do not know whether the effect here, or a powerful processor optimization done by programmers, but use a smart very nice. Brakes can begin the transition to the “economy mode” that reduces performance significantly. But it and save! The power of Galaxy S9 will be magnificent.

Battery, here things are not so simple. On the one hand, the volume of the battery is impressive – 4000 Mah⋅, and not just on the forums met fantastic smartphone performance indicators of two days or more. On the other hand, in most polls the highest number of votes of users found that their “friend” does not live more than a day with 3-4 hours of screen works without any restrictions on use, i.e.without turning off the Internet, AOD and others, for which we and use smart phones. At first, seven very happy with my battery, which is in standby mode, almost nothing ate. But later, after the installation and configuration of all I needed applications; Smart began to eat at least 5% per night and about the same for half an hour in the operating mode. And sometimes charge a melting before our eyes! But, in general, most of the daylight hours always had, but that’s clearly not what I expected to see. As a result, it is necessary to do the optimization. Barring access to the Internet applications that do not need it, delete or disable the built-in services, disable automatic archiving of Samsung and Google, AOD off mode and all that jazz, but without fanaticism. Then it began the night to turn off the mobile Internet, AOD, and sometimes (still night, I do not need the Internet to objectively) to the morning not to be surprised 10+ eaten is not clear whom interest. This gave the results. As a result, a stable day job is, and sometimes even 1.5 (!). Yet, this is not what we are expecting. Especially sad that because of such a resource-screen reading, even on a black screen (for AMOLED is saving) at minimum brightness, the charge is simply fading away. It’s not so bad, of course, but still would like to have the best. We are waiting for the seventh android and his magic optimize battery consumption, but do not make a mistake and to acquire.

Right, Samsung Galaxy S8 wins a plus one for the configuration, and next generation configuration of Galaxy S9 will be definitely better.

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